BUGGY ROLLIN in press 2013

BUGGY ROLLIN in Press 2013 in Switzerland.

Damian Andrey, world speed recorder in luge 2017 had invited the regional press of the val de travers in the Swiss Jura to meet Jean Yves Blondeau on the slopes nearby. It was a beautiful day whose lifts towed by the 405 GTI Damian were still crazy as descents on the tree-lined roads lined green fir well that should not under any circumstances go kissing at full speed.

Swiss quality.

Jura Switzerland is the country of watchmaking, and the quality of its roads is in harmony with the local industry. As if the roads were made not to shake the beautiful mechanics, they are not super fast but, they have a smooth and perfect surface, which in terms of BUGGY ROLLIN is sought for a nice aesthetic and precise practice.

Video of “Arc Info” Swiss.

BUGGY ROLLIN in press 2013 on French TV “France3,  Midi en France.”

Jean Yves Blondeau Jean Yves Blondeau aka Rollerman was invited on the snowy plateau of the French national television channel “France3” in Méribel, for the “Midi en France” program. It is a general-interest entertainment program based on chronicles that takes place in the morning just before the midday diary. Its particularity is to move in the towns and villages of France in order to discover the French cultural variety. Jean Yves living in the Alps, he was presented with local products. As to announce the release in the media of BUGGY SKI, the demonstration was made on the snow. So we did not ride much, but laughed well.


The Paris Slalom World Championship is a world class competition. The competition is organized in Paris By the team of Sebastien Lafargue, the skate distributor Universkate brands SEBA and FR. While the judges finish deliberating, Jean Yves Blondeau with his armor BUGGY ROLLIN Blue, gives a choreographed representation showing the varied possibilities of use of its wheel suit.

BUGGY SKI for children TV “on est pas que des cobayes”.

le BUGGY ROLLIN dans la presse TV
vincent en BUGGY SKI avec jean yves

This is the second time Jean Yves Blondeau appears in the show “we are not only guinea pigs“. The first had been on the slopes of Mount Ventoux in armor with wheels. This time it was at Plagne Montalbert that we found Vincent’s team.

Montalbert the alternative glide.

Because Montalbert is the resort of the plagne that favors alternative gliding, especially with the Festigliss, and always welcomes the BUGGY SKI with enthusiasm and sympathy.

Speed the press.

The filming started late, so it ended in disaster. The most important shots are filmed at the last minute. Then, the team rushes into cars leaving us skis rentals at the edge of the car park. Ahh the stressed Parisians …

Special armor.

Vincent did a good job. Jean Yves had made him a pair of babushski at his size so he could try the BUGGY SKI ski armor. We chose a wide track with a gentle slope.

The video of guinea pigs in BUGGY SKI on snow.

BUGGY ROLLIN in press 2013 France 3 @ Quintal Semnoz.

The good light.

The France3 team goes through the house of Jean Yves BLondeau. Together they will make beautiful pictures since the sun overlooks the green slopes. It pierces the impressionist light breakthroughs on the dark asphalt.

The good road.

The action is located on the road to Quintal, on Semnoz, near Annecy. It’s one of Jean Yves’ favorite roads to train and make pictures in the vicinity of her house because she has an interesting profile. There is a big line almost right at 13% which gives a serious impetus. Then a row of three pairs of 90s with varying distances. Then a wet straight pin that slides. And finally, a country walk.


The video of rushs forFRANCE3.

We had a little cheat with the music, but we think it makes a beautiful video.

BUGGY ROLLIN class with Maeva, Christian and Cedric.

maeva, cedric and christian taking BUGGY ROLLIN class
cedric, jean yves, Maeva, christian

The choice of place.

Choosing a place to start in BUGGY ROLLIN is a determining factor for the student’s entire career of progression. The level of comfort and fun, the ability to set up games are paramount in the first BUGGY ROLLIN armor test. Like a first kiss, it is a first experience and its first impression depends on the progress of the next acts.

the selection criteria are:

  1. A flat area.
  2. No other vehicles, not in the crowd.
  3. Do not start alone, not without accompaniment.
  4. Good rolling surfaces, clean smooth dry, without holes, without pebbles, without sand, without cracks, without cable.
  5. Open areas without obstacles, side of grass is good.
  6. Good temperature, not in full sun at noon in summer, not at minus 40 degree in the fog at night.
  7. Shaded with benches and something to drink.
  8. possibility of multiple combinations of paths to vary the discoveries.
  9. accessible to the transport of armor.

The Parc of Theater de Verdure in Aix les Bains is therefore a perfect place for BUGGY ROLLIN lessons with Maeva, Christian and Cedric.

Evaluate the roller skating abilities.

The first thing you should do before putting on the armor is to know what is the level of each student in roller skating to determine what will be the exercises to tackle in armor, and if necessary, give the last tips skateboard before complicating the situation .

Put on the armor.

The second thing is to adjust the armor to each other’s bodies. We put armor from the bottom to the top. first the skates, then the legs. There are already exercises with these two elements to perform before donning the rest of the armor. Then the protections of hips and shoulders. The bust and the back come to rest as one puts on a jacket while keeping only one closed shoulder. We adjust the helmet and we like the chin. We end up with arms that slip like gloves.

Conduct of a course

It takes about an hour. The start is long, and the physical effort intense. We start with the use of knees alone with the rollers. Once the basics are included we go on 4 legs. knee and arms roller. There are multiple exercises of propulsion, braking, pivoting, and the first static and dynamic position changes. then we go to the bust to roll on the belly. For the strongest students, we can try the back. At the end, we are happy, soaked and tired. There is a need for alternative business.

A short video.

BUGGY ROLLIN class with Maeva, Christian and Cedric.

In conclusion, it is certain that the BUGGY ROLLIN Course with Maeva, Christian and Cedric went well. Friendship and good humor have made this moment a pleasant experience. With his physical strength Cedric flew over the difficulties with flying colors. His testimony: “Beautiful memory with Jean Yves Blondeau and his family!
Unforgettable experience
Thank you Mister Rollerman “.
Christian despite a level of approximate rollerblading seemed to have fun. And Maeva as always was royal, smart, attentive, and funny.

maeva in BUGGY ROLLIN pink suit

The Beton On Fire of La Plagne 2013


The Beton On Fire of La Plagne 2013 is the sequel to 2012 and 1998. As a Phoenix returned to life after the fire, the brand Beton on Fire was launched by Philipp Auerswald. This is a championship of several speed races in skating, skateboard and BUGGY ROLLIN downhill, in the bob tracks, without ice even concrete, or speeds reached exceed 100km / h, and pressures in turns with peaks at 4G (other times the weight of the body) allow to pass more than the vertical cornering. If the first animation had been festive, this second edition was in bloom. Indeed the organization was lapped, the teams of volunteers at the point and efficient.

On the side of athletes everyone is prepared physically and mentally to be cool technically available to the point, and powerful enough to face the constraints of the track.
The equipment must be in perfect condition before entering the track. All bolts, axles and wheels must be checked before starting. Because then the consequences are immediate.


Thanks to a good display spread, and the service of a super hero graphics, the event was attractive, and many people found themselves on the edges of the track to meet the gladiators on wheels. Friends of the valley came with their children creating nice moments. Good weather, sharing emotions, and accessibility of athletes, are the keys to a successful event, and it was the case.

BUGGY ROLLIN is a protective armor.

First, it is important to note that the BUGGY ROLLIN armor has an important protection function. The BUGGY ROLLIN is made up of a hull of composite materials sandwiched with protections that cover the entire body. We were able to see after the incidents that could happen on the bob track, that the armor had to protect the bodies of the athletes. Most of the time they can leave without a scratch, but with a big fright. The material can be scraped, scratched, sanded, torn, shredded before the skin comes to touch the roughness of the concrete. There remains the shocks of the blows and the effect washing machine in brutal concrete. It may be that the elements do not hold up on the body with repeated shocks, like a helmet that would be poorly attached and flying at first shock, but this is rare. We say this to recall that, despite the protective effect of armor, risks and dangers exist. There is inside the BUGGY ROLLIN a living being who must first use his intelligence to protect himself.
When it goes wrong the sensations and the speed are so strong in bob track, that we believe that we will die. But we do not go on the bob track to hurt ourselves. On the contrary, we are going on a bob ride in BUGGY ROLLIN to have fun.

BUGGY ROLLIN progress in bob track.

Minimum skills requested.

Secondly, it is good to specify, that the discovery of the descent on the bob track is done in a progressive way. One begins by learning to master the BUGGY ROLLIN armor flat off the track, though, the skills required for the track are minimal. Indeed there is no need to know how to brake, or know how to make sharp turns. To begin with, you just have to know how to move, and get up.

Must learn the track.

The second step is to go on the trail to see, understand and learn traps and trajectories. Finally we start with the end. We try the last turns. We evaluate the difficulties and the possibility of progress, and if the conditions are good we start from a little higher. And so on. If you do not feel well you can start from below, or take a break, or stop. The idea is to progress by listening and his body, his conscience, and the advice of his coach, and enjoy the torrent of information that fuse the brain to make good feelings.

BUGGY ROLLIN sensations in the bob track.

With speeds close to 100km / h, compressions at four times its weight, jet engine noise, vibrations to disassemble everything, we can say that the descent in BUGGY ROLLIN bob track generates thrills. It feels like being compressed in the armor on the walls. The perception of the horizontal is distorted. It’s like in the back of a bathtub, a giant slide, a water amusement park whose kinesthetic sensations are multiplied by four. This is the most impressive thing to do in BUGGY ROLLIN armor.

Riding the bob track is a commitment

The downhill bob is a contract the hard way. We do not stop in the middle. It is not possible in normal condition. Unless there has been an incident, the premature end of the contract is then paid the price. When we start we go all the way. The choice of the height of the departure is thus strategic: it conditions the hardness of the effort in front of the pressures, the general speed, and the duration of the effort. to start low is to start carefully, it’s the only way to get to know each other and know the track.

The peculiarities of The Beton On Fire of La Plagne 2013.

In the Bob track of La Plagne, as in all the others, the choice of the starting height influences the whole course of the track and its sensations. During the 2013 Beton on Fire competition, the majority of the athletes start from the top lady. This is a start before Turn 6. It allows you to use 80% of the runway’s potential. It has the advantage of diving directly into turn 6 which is particular. Indeed, the turn 6 said curve to PIC PIC, has a fairly tight radius and a steep gradient. In other words, he turns twice. When you are in it, with speed, you have to turn AND dive. Immediately after we go on with labyrinths 7-8-9 which have a high acceleration potential that give a first compression in turn 10.

We can catch our breath in the 11 which gives the impression of being flat. In the 12th we let the cavalry go. The exit plunges on the fastest and steepest part of the track, 13-14. Turn 15 and the biggest compression of the track. if we make a mistake in the 15 the 16 does not pass. The 16 is the longest compression of the track, it is a 180 degree turn that ends almost flat.

The rest of the track if it may seem boring and slow is the part where the slide is the most important. You have to know how to keep your speed, stay dynamic until the end.

map of plagne bob track
plan de la piste de bob de la plagne

Successful armor tests.

The public had the opportunity to book test slots, courses accompanied by Jean Yves at the edge of the track, and for journalists to try in the track on the lower part. Success was at the rendezvous, with good mood. The kindness, the attention and the availability of Jean Yves Blondeau make each lesson a special moment. Feedback from students is always very encouraging. Jean Yves did not have a minute to answer the requests of the curious who wanted to try.

Video as in the cinema.

With the exchange of memory cards between the various producers of videos, Danny Strasser, Anthony Finch, Jean Yves and friends present, We were able to edit a video with multiple points of view, with onboard cameras pointing to the front, on the back, shifted on the side, at the edge of the track, in the track, from the public, which added to the music of Calibro 35 make a movie-like clip. We regret that Calibro 35 did not deign to respond to our request for music use for now, but hopefully they will someday … maybe.

youtube version

Rollerman at Peyragudes 2013

Rollerman at Peyragudes 2013Peyragudes never Dies 2013 is the fastest race of the European Downhill Championship. Roma Kino has agreed to receive Jean Yves Blondeau, the Rollerman at Peyragudes, with his BUGGY ROLLIN armor to descend freely. It was a beautiful event that, once the rain has faded, has taken on its full dimension. Nice meetings with Skateboard riders like Patrick switzer who offered a set of Orangatang kegel and sledge wheels like Berry Plasman who traded the camera on board. And of course the opportunity to see old friends like Yvon Labarthe and Manu Messier with his children.

And Now the video of Jean yves Blondeau aka Rollerman @ Peyragudes 2013 with BUGGY ROLLIN wheel suits


Rollerman at the LUGDUNUM contest

Rollerman at the LUGDUNUM contest
Rollerman at the LUGDUNUM contest drifts before a curve

history of Rollerman at the LUGDUNUM contest.

Lyon is a pool of talent. Cooking, lights, fashion, graphic designers, and skaters left the best French. With this dynamism, the rollerblading parties named the LUGDUNUM contest, gather without prejudice the most discipline who have the good will. Among the welcome rollerman of the BUGGY ROLIN team Jean Yves Blondeau and Christophe Andreatta have become regulars. When the organization sets up a descent then, for sure, BUGGY ROLLIN will be Rollerman at the LUGDUNUM contest.

Pictures of Rolleman at the LUGDUNUM contest

If you want to see the the urban route in the alleys and the park at the LUGDUNUM contest

Lausanne event and free ride

If Lausanne event and free ride was the glorious world capital of the descent races, the big ones will have disappeared as the fashion has faded and the interest of the general public diluted elsewhere. It remains the hard core of the irreducible descenders a little old who continues to roll and meet, like a big family. These events became fraternal reunions. The opportunity to once again have the illusion of owning the street, hitting it into hordes and then returning it to normality. In the margins of the competition, courses and BUGGY ROLLIN wheelsuit armor test continue to slowly hatch talents because BUGGY ROLLIN is fun.

Lausanne event and free ride video

By Christian Montavon in line downhill multi champion, and skate family member, owner of skate shop Roller.ch.

Film for Nissan on Etna

Rollerman on ETNA

in screen

First approaching the giant Etna

A nice flight to get to the foot of Etna. Jean Yves Blondeau, Rollerman, come to shoot a show for Nissan The Quest with Antonio Rossi, Jury Chechi, on the slopes of the Italian volcano with his armor BUGGY ROLLIN blue. There was no Nissan vehicle to climb the roads of the volcano but a mini bus full to crack with all the film crew plus the equipment. Already on the first night, under the stormy clouds and the slopes slammed by the free and crazy wind, we do interviews before the dark clouds finally fall on us with the conspiratorial night. The next day is a virgin morning, the naive morning light invites us to rush to the top of the road in the vehicle too full.

Then unleash the Artists on Volcano

Very quickly the talents express themselves, a soundman who has stories full of his magneto, fades of the image, who continue to take pictures even when there is more action, and a cameraman in the cigar who never quits his slow motion box with a lens of another century. The splendid sun cuts silhouettes against the black background of volcanic stones. Rocks are dry even after the rain. This rock scratches the skin and emits a particular complaint when it sinks. Sometimes the road that disappears under the eruptions. From morning to night, we do not stop filming . The break was too late to eat on the volcano, hungry stomach, no longer provides the energy to think well and move well. But a dish of legendary pasta lifts the spirits and energy for the last catch reborn.

light of fire

Then the last rays turn the slopes into an incandescent red that contrasts with the deep blue of the sky. It will be one of the best movies, with a plethora of almost orgasmic slow motion. Herbs can be seen bending the spine in the turbulence of the armor’s whiplash. Pine cones twirl and bounce in twisted salto. The wheels bounce while grating the roughness of the asphalt road. Rollerman’s armor slips down as it glides down the curves of the laces. You can see all the wheels in action, playing the score of a symphony worn on the lines of the turns between the metal rails.

pictures of making film at Etna

Giant greets

Etna, too, greeted us. In a breath a cloud has risen, like in slow motion. And for once we accelerated the images. Under the cloud a dry rain hits the surfaces in sun rustling and covers everything with a black abrasive dust.
And even the day ended, when Jean Yves proposes to add a layer, an additional descent, a line from the top to the city, all this passionate and a little crazy world throws itself into this last adventure without restraint.
In the evening, these Italian epicureans meet in the best restaurant of the friend of the friend. To enjoy once again the best of life.

Here is our vision of the Etna roads.

Promotion of CZ12 for Jackie Chan in Tokyo

Promotion of CZ12 for Jackie Chan in TokyoHere is the story of Promotion of CZ12 for Jackie Chan in Tokyo. Jackie said he will take Jean Yves to Tokyo, Beijing, and Hong Kong with his private jet on the same day for the launch of his film CZ12. But in the meantime apolitical between Japan and China was full of stupidity, and relations having deteriorated, Jackie was not welcome in Japan. So it’s Jean Yves who went there. And who had a lot of fun riding the streets of Shinjuku again. In japan the movie was named “Rising Dragon” . The promotion team bought a buggy rollin suit to make journalist wear a clean armor in Japan.

pictures of Promotion of CZ12 for Jackie Chan in Tokyo

It was the day of jackie’s birthday so we made a video for him.
We never met so cute journalist in fuji TV. She was laughing and playing very funny. the producers had to take Jean Yves and her away from each other if not they would not separate. Tokyo made a warm welcome to jean yves, it had a lot of emotion.

Pierviy Kanal TV Russia tries BUGGY ROLLIN

The beautiful Nathalia came from Pierviy Kanal TV Russia to slip into the pink armor for women created by Jean Yves blondeau.

Perfect day perfect Nathalia

It was a beautiful summer day, it was good, she was good to ride in armor. A real pleasure ! They went to Jean Yves’ house to see the workshop, and to finalize a report broadcast on the Russian national news of the TV channel Pierviy Kanal.

if you understand russian ..

BUGGY SKI with KiKi LeBe @ La Plagne

www.lebedinsky.com – Tel : +33607660257

BUGGY SKI with KiKi LeBe @ La Plagne from March 30 to April 01, 2013. During the 6th Urban Plagne

We decided with Christophe Lebedinsky that we need more updated pictures of BUGGY SKI. So we decided to go to La Plagne as there was an event on ski movies.
We spent a few days in the resort. some grey weather and some nice sunny. When we tried deep snow ti was like submarine. Access the spot was like swimming in deep snow.

Advertising or publishing rights are protected, contact the author www.lebedinsky.com  – Tel : +3360766025