2007 rising BUGGY SKI in South Korea

Going to snow resort

Rollerman 2007 in Korea, was so special. Jean Yves Blondeau was living at in a studio at MUJU Resort shared with guests and all the tools for building and repair BUGGY ROLLIN and BUGGY SKI. The opportunity to BUGGY SKI every day showed all the weak points of the prototype. Step by step every problem would be solved. Finally Jean Yves obtained a sustainable Ski Armor.

Getting better

Among the trouble shoot, snow infiltration, ski geometry, chest positioning, climat control, connectors strength.
Side benefit was to become very fit and get very balanced body because of the really well balanced effort through the BUGGY SKI.

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High 1 best choice

During the winter we moved from Muju resort to High 1 Gangwon Do. Muju is a ski resort from the 80s that had to face bankrupt owners. It had to run on the existing equipments. The machine were old, so the snow was not perfectly prepared, and people would wait almost one hour at the lift on sundays. But the workers were really putting a lot of energy to gently welcome the skiers. Muju was also at a very strategic geographic situation the only ski resort of the half south of korea. It had no problem to get clients.

High 1 was a brand new ski resort. It is situated in a remote area where the employment rate is very low. They organized special trains directly from seoul to the ski resort to bring customers. Our video shows that train, and all the events organized inside. It shows a mutation from BUGGY ROLLIN to BUGGY SKI.

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Suddenly all business stopped in South Korea. Business friends moved, phone number changed every things was over. Back to Europe have to start every thing again.

An amazing year of creations 2006

Long Fly © buggy rollin creations 2006
Long Fly © buggy rollin / Lébédinsky-Paris


The saddest year of the decennia (lost of Chae Sun) was also the year that saw masterpieces born : Jean Yves Blondeau’s creations 2006.
In the field of pure creation, the BUGGY SKI suit had been successfully functionally developed. It was a designer enthusiastic run through the difficulties finding step by step simplified efficient solutions. It went like this :

  • stuck on trouble
  • find solution by head
  • check available material
  • build a solution
  • test in real on mountain slopes
  • go next level

In Video the work with Danny Strasser near Andermatt produced maybe the best video of BUGGY ROLLIN ever : SWISSPASS. In this video, we speak about emotion, dreams, and respect against the beauty of mountains, and never forget to keep a child heart. A very few people could understand the messages.
We also had a Wonderfull work with Christophe Lebedinsky in winter for BUGGY SKI and summer in the alps.

creations 2006 BUGGY SKI
© lebedinsky-blondeau

Small Busan productions

After passing the big wave of Megapass, we had no more big promotion contracts.
We made a few fun advertising, and some aesthetic videos like Igidae that did not catch success.
We also prepared the winter in Muju Resort by producing advertising for the resort with Yvon Labarthe. And that was going to be a great winter for BUGGY SKI

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Rollerman Videos until 2005

This is the Rollerman Videos until 2005. The Germain times from 2000 to 2003 . Then arriving in korea and the TV shows made in korea.

Treasure must be hunted.

We still have a lot of video on tape format that has never been transferred to digital support. Thus before 2005 were camera very expensive. So we could not make as much video as we can nowadays.

Video of BUGGY ROLLIN From the beginning until 2000.

pink BUGGY ROLLIN Rollerman Videos until 2005
rollerman step in the air to make the shadow climbs the wall

The firsts video were made with the “pink” suit. It has a very special aesthetic, that would match Tim burton fantasy.
From 1998 came the second Prototype “Carbon”. It was opening a new world of performances.
We tried to re load the videos that were bad quality to Vimeo in order to be bale to enjoy them with bigger screens. And now it is a real pleasure to see how good were already the motions. For example in the Lausanne video, there is a unfinished fast wheeling called Gognoc, that is not performed since a very long time. It is old but every thing was there.

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Videos of BUGGY ROLLIN until 2003

During the Germain years, the exploration of the possibilities to roll in bob tracks was very exciting. In TunnelBlick, a video co-produced by Danny Strasser and Jean Yves Blondeau, we make a travel trough the Germain sports facilities.
We also went to Hot Heels, that event became legendary with the passing years.

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Rollerman Videos until 2005

Building the golden age of BUGGY ROLLIN from 2004

Chirstmas 2003 sbs finally come to visit jean yves blondeau in europe. They were showing to south korea what it buggy rollin for the first ime. It was a very successfull program. It was the beginning of a long love story between korea adn buggy rollin.
they shoot every thing oa a marathon schdeule. We were Friday night skating in Paris Eiffel tower, Champs Elysee, then Germany the worship, the home, ride in Frankfurt streets…
That is how the korean odyssey began.

[unitegallery VBR_05]
We can easily see that the Korean took model on the “Extreme” video to make the KT Megapass film.

Rollerman videos of 2018

This are the first Rollerman videos of 2018 .
They are videos newly edited of old footage never shown yet.

Here is the 2018 Vimeo gallery

[unitegallery VBR_18]

First Rollerman videos is Yanran test BUGGY ROLLIN in Altenberg 2011.

This is one example of learning buggy rollin. Yaran is a cute chinese girl who has no idea of BUGGY ROLLIN. Jean Yves Blondeau teaches her the skills that enable her to roll alone in 45 min. and she enjoyed it.

Second Video is Rollerman @ Fairy tale track 2014

The Most beautiful secret and magic luge track in east europa.
The track is in a green velvet stage, it fly around one meter high in the air. It gives the sensation of flying in the forest.

Third Rollerman videos of 2018 @ val de travers in Swiss Jura

invited by Damian Andrey, Jean Yves Blondeau and his armor BUGGY ROLLIN rode the roads of the val de travers in Switzerland for a local TV.

Next Rollerman videos of 2018, BUGGY ROLLIN class with maeva, cedric and christian

Another example of Teaching BUGGY ROLLIN by Jean Yves Blondeau as master of wheels and 3 students with very different skills age and level.
The most important is to take the student at his level and help him to reach fun good sensations, in order to print good memory in the life.

Rollerman on Russia Channel One TV

Rollerman, jean yves blondeau on national Russian television news. You will see it in Russian language of course !
it is really cool to see Natalya the journalist talking and rollin in the same time… here are pictures 

Rollerman 126 km/h

This is just a small trailer of the full 126 movie.

Sarajevo FULL english

Maybe one of the most interesting video contend we ever made. This is a indictment for Peace and hope.

Rollerman show in Bangkok dereezed desychron

Jean Yves Blondeau aka Rollerman show at bankbook . sound was lost . we had to check how to fit the music again so it is not perfect. performed with Blue suit.

Disco very decouverte 2011 Rollerman

Jean Yves blondeau at his home in 2011. describing BUGY ROLLIN in french.

Rollerman race Tello, multiplex view

Jean Yves Blondeau, Rollerman, races downhill the track of world championship 2010 in teolo Italy. This is a multiplex video produced and edited by jean yves blondeau, copyright jean Yves Blondeau. He uses a BUGGY ROLLIN wheel suit named Silver build in busan South Korea.

Rollerman @ Igidae revival Busan Korea

This is an old video made in 2006 in Busan South Korea by Jean Yves Blondeau Rollerman with Silver suit and Danny Strasser on camera, produced by Kim Nam Hoon, with local chinese delivery restaurant as sponsor for meal and moped to go back up hill. “strong delivery man” is not a legend , and a touch of the lost beloved Chae Sun for Elmo car.

Buggy Rollin with Nicole koester and Jean Yves Blondeau

Another  successful teaching BUGGY ROLLIN to absolute beginner with good mood. On the side of shooting “In Puncto”, the sweet Nicole, tried BUGGY ROLLIN wheel suit with Jean Yves Blondeau As teacher . Baden Baden 2009.

Last video of renew old serial is you will never guess that it is so good !

Peyra gOOd

A short reedition of one of the best moment at Peyragudes in France in 2010 Jean Yves Blondeau AKA Rollerman rides the Silver suit from South Korea in real speed.

BUGGY SKI in South Korea 2007

Golden times of BUGGY SKI

From Christmas 2006 to april 2007 we had golden time to BUGGY SKI every day at MUJU RESORT. This is BUGGY SKI in South Korea 2007. With the complicity of Yvon Labarthe we could make almost 30 promotional videos for the resort. We were filming almost every day. Most of video were with BUGGY SKI, and some were only for the promotion of the ski resort such “MUJU WHITE”.

The hours of video material were sleeping during 10 years on a hard disk. When Jean Yves could finally put his eyes on the films, It is a great pleasure to see all that night rides. The sensation of skiing in the night, with the music played on the tracks every where, is very unique. The music is carrying the choreography of motions, and the mood stays in happy dancing level. Another magic in night skiing is that the snow keep good quality and even gets colder and faster as the night progresses.

Jean Yves Blondeau was making show with BUGGY SKI every evening from 8 to 10 pm in the week and from 8 to midnight the week end. During the day he had just enough time to upgrade the prototype and make test in the evening.

[unitegallery BUGGY_SKI_Korea_V_07]

Rollerman adventures all videos of 2016

Xichang serial

First Jean Yves Blondeau the Rollerman explains the videos of 2016 serial of Xichang.
All videos are made from his back point of view. It is performed in the old city that has narrow street and sloppy profile. As the night fall, it becomes a firework of light.
Xichang is maybe his favorite place in china. perfect climat, healthy food, nice mountains … and more to be discovered …

First gallery Xichang videos

[unitegallery video_2016_1]

The second gallery is about Freezy coming in france to get training with Jean Yves Blondeau the Master of BUGGY ROLLIN. You can also discover some freerides with friends and Training of Herve and Ksenjia.

Rollerman teaching BUGGY ROLLN in france  videos of 2016

[unitegallery v16freeride_fr]

The third video gallery will make us travel in china. We will see the first steps of freezy in shanghai, the runs in the desert around Zhongning, and some choreographed show of Jean Yves Blondeau. For the end we will visit the Jackie Chan Stunt team Training Center , where he prepare all his new movies.

Rollerman appears in china 2016

[unitegallery V_rollerman_chine_16]

The last gallery is about Beton On Fire Sigulda, BUGGY SKI and BUGGY ICE

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Rollerman and Friends BUGGY ROLLIN videos 2017

Here we try to gather all BUGGY ROLLIN videos 2017

First serial of BUGGY ROLLIN videos 2017 of Jean Yves blondeau Rollerman, are Urumqi in china. We are going to meet Xiao Long and Chang Yue.
And we are going to visit Sochi. Every day on the Bob track, breaking BUGGY ROLLIN track speed record, going on 17% creasy steep road finishing in freeride paradise.  Take time to scroll the list down.

first video gallery Urumqi

Jean Yves Blondeau was invited by Beijing Micro Skate company to make show in schools with BUGGY ROLLN at Urumqi in order to promote Roller Sports.

Strict rules

As introduction meeting before the event, the sport government People explained us some special rules applied to this area. Police can control camera or phone picture at anytime. We are not allowed to take picture of police, security, government buildings or government people. If police ask to control we must cooperate without trouble. That is no problem because police is not our interest. We came for sport and education. The luggages were scan at each hotel. They were scan at parcs gate and restaurants. We just passed patiently all control.

Visiting schools with Rollerman BYGGY ROLLIN at Urumqi

We were warmly welcomed in schools. Schools presentation was made very seriously, kid would sing songs altogether perfectly. Some Kids were natural genius in how they integrated the need of learning foreign language in order to straight communicate.

[unitegallery rollerman_video_2017_1]

Second video gallery is a serial with Riderman in french Alps mountain roads. Charix plagne, and the serial of La Toussuire with Fragl.

Second video gallery Riderman Fragl

[unitegallery rollerman_video_2017_1_2]

Third gallery going to bring us in china for the most beautiful 6 days freeride ever made with Atomic Krew shanghai through the BaiMaShan Mountains.

Third Video Gallery Baimashan

[unitegallery rollerman_video_2017_2]

Fourth video gallery shows crazy girls on wheels and Nanjing Rollergames olympics downhill runs with one special group run. It is very special.

Fourth video gallery Nanjing

[unitegallery rollerman_video_2017_4]

Sochi DAY 4 WTFFF ROAD RUN What the F-FAst-Furious

After 3 year of attempt to get russian visa in time to be a part of the competition, Jean Yves Blondeau could go to try the Sochi olympic bob track with his BUGGY ROLLIN suit. Rollerman at Sochi Bob Track race was fast. Indeed Rollerman could set up his speed recored to 100Km/h600 on Bob track .

RollerMan @ Sochi DAY 4 WTFFF ROAD RUN is maybe one of the most spectacular video of rollerman on competition road.

Jean Yves Blondeau said that he was drifting all the way form top to down. There is only a short straight close from the end where he did not felt de BUGGY ROLLIN armor sliding sideway. it was so much WTFFF

Last Gallery all the videos of the Sochi event

[unitegallery video_sochi_17]