Rollerman at Altenberg 2010 Germany

Rollerman back to Altenberg

This is the second competition “Beton On Fire” of Rollerman at Altenberg Germany.

secret border

Altenberg is the last village on the mountain south of dresden before the lower plains of Czech republic. It used to be a place of miners making hole in the ground. Later it was the hidden place of head of east germain secret services. It has a cold swiss alpin climat propitious for winter sports like ski and sledge.

roots of variations

In the long period of cold war, sport was used as promoting for the communist regime. At this period they decided to build the best track of the world with all difficulties possible in order to perfectly prepare the athletes. that is one of the reason why the track of Altenberg is so interesting to practice.

This video is pure sound, with dedicate to korean riders extreamer at the end.

second video Rollerman at Altenberg

This one is full length with 2009 on DAFT PUNK music from Tron. the runs of  2010 starts at 3;33 . there is the same end with dedicate for korean riders with Yvon Labarthe as korean language student and Jean Yves Blondeau as Korean Language teacher for testimony to his love for South Korea.