ALTENBERG 2014 Beton on fire

It was a great weather in Altenberg 2014. For the first time, we had three armored athletes engaged in the race. There was Otaku Rollin from Switzerland, Anthony Finch from Spain, and Jean Yves Blondeau from somewhere in the Universe. It was the first time that we could record the sleeves of each participant to see in the videos. in the evening we were able to train in the gym. Another night, instead of staying at home, we went for a free run in the neighboring village of Czechia. But this is a next article.


Enjoying the weather Jean Yves Blondeau (rollerman) left the tower. The starting tower measures 12metres high. The track has a slope of 47%. So It is impossible to walk on foot. altogether it is very impressive, because the slope appears as a wall. from above one can see Dresden 35 km. Jean Yves waits for the signal that the track is cleared, then it disappears at the bottom of the hut. and all of a sudden he takes his momentum. He goes off to the bottom of the back wall. He runs blindly, and throws himself into the void of the slope of the tower. LA, it is catapulted to 60 km / h in the track. He flies like a plane until the arrival.

ALTENBERG 2014 photos

ALTENBERG 2014 video


Altenberg 2014 manches of the  concurents.