Artist work with PhotoKa of BUGGY ROLLIN Pilots camp

PhotoKa of BUGGY ROLLIN Pilots campPhoto cession at pont de l’abime with Photoka of BUGGY ROLLIN Pilots camp.

In order to keep a good memory about BUGGY ROLLIN pilot training camp, Jean Yves Blondeau organized a photo showing with the artist Karole V.aka PhotoKa. “PhotoKa of BUGGY ROLLIN Pilots camp”. Bridge of abime is a place with wonderful scenery. Considering the metallic engineered structure, it is building a strong coherence to the technologie of the modern armors of the roads knights Rollermen. Finally, the result is very musical. Many of theses picture would fit rock band album pictures.

The pictures Photoka of BUGGY ROLLIN Pilots camp

We hope to be able to make new photo cession with artists photographs.
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