rollerman makes show in Bangkok Thailand

Discover Bangkok

Jean Yves Blondeau was invited in Bangkok by Sueb. It was for making show at Freestyle slalom competition. With his BUGGY ROLLIN blue Aramis suit, Rollerman did performance at press conference, and choreographed show several time a day on the competition spot.

Too hot

The temperature was excessively high. It was very difficult to perform outdoor with the armor. But Thai people are gentle that helps a lot. We could find a video of the show but the sound has been taken away (thanks youtube), so it was difficult to recreate.

Here is a video of rollerman show in Bangkok

If there is a place in the world where people behave nicely Thailand is one. People kindness and sweet smile is refreshing. Meeting Oui was in the experience of Bangkok maybe one of the most cherish full present someone can get in life. Even if language is a fence kindness is a key.

rollerman at bangkok