BBC, Discovery, Oxygen, N Magazin


We had a tv recording for BBC blue peter. The story was first to make competition between the TV presenter in skatepark.  The winner would then challenge Jean yves in a racing car going up hill and Jean Yves going downhill. In UK even the hills are quite flat. No way Jean yves could be the faster.

Discovery channel

Discovery channel Italia came home and made a nice shooting. The italian team was the best ever to create dramatic light and use funny situation


We had a radio show in Oxygen radio in Pontchara Savoie France. The presenter Nassima tried the suit in studio. It fit her well.

N Magazine

We did a special shooting N for Nissan magazine in the best place of the world for BUGGY ROLLIN the top of Grimsel pass. The concept was to make a race between the new GTR and rollerman. The car uses gaz and horse power, Jean Yves uses only gravity and human legs on wheels. Even with nice slopes Jean Yves could not to be faster than the car only a few seconds behind.

We had the support of Zsofia Katona who checked with good mood if the wheels are spinning well.  Here, with scientific rigor, she listens if the bearings turn well, and checks the temperature of the urethane. The theory of Professor N. Bonnefoy says that the wheels are at their maximum speed at 7 degrees. We had negative temperatures with wind, but the braking stresses make the wheels rise in temperature. The noise of rolling allows to know their level of cleanliness, and to evaluate the need of contribution in lubricant.

Nissan GT-R vs. Rollerman from Territory – Content to Results on Vimeo.