Roller at Beijing in March

spokesman introduction

Jean Yves Blondeau has became spokesperson for the Meilang Meidong rollerblading club in Beijing in march. He had to make a presentation at the annual Micro Skate meeting for China. He also did a choreography show on stage. But it was difficult to perform precise motion because of the deep red the carpet on the floor of the stage. Every motion were also slowed down. that makes difficult to catch up with the music.

Anyhow It was a big show, held in a big palace in the suburbs of Beijing. As conclusion, everyone received the same uniform and took a picture with all the participants. This is where Jean yves met Xiao Qing who will be part of BUGGY ROLLIN’s team in China.
There was a group of dancers who lent themselves to the photo set staged with Rollerman.

here are the Beijing in march pictures

Jean Yves visits Jackie Chan’s Rehearsal Studio

Jean Yves Blondeau is part of Jackie Chan’s stunt team. Among other things, he was able to attend the rehearsals of the next shoot with Jackie and Arnold.