First Beton on Fire Altenberg 2009

Happy on concrete.

What a joy to participate in the first race of concrete on fire in Altenberg 2009 in Germany, organized by Philippe auerswald. Altenberg is perhaps the most beautiful track in the world. It is a true initiation rite. We are born in the light by springing from the tower, we die in turn three, and all that happens next is beyond life. It is a varied and fast track well maintained, painted in white, which rolls its turns in the slope of a mountain fold peoples fir. In the far north we see Desden sending us his cold wind.
At that time, Jean Yves liked to dress in a long-haired sweater, which participated in the legend.

Altenberg 2009 was a beautiful race, where the Philipp network is in full swing with his family and friends. Andy who has a wrapping business has arrived with an Impalla 66 low rider, and the parents greeted us with love.