BUGGGY SKI is ready for photo shooting

France is good for R D.

Finally, the BUGGGY SKI is ready for photo shooting. During the winter Jean Yves returned to France. At home, he enjoys a better workshop, a pole of competence in the region, and especially ski resorts less than an hour from the workshop. Therefore, Jean Yves could work on prototype in the morning, and test it in ski resort the afternoon.

Happy coming back to Korea.

He took the opportunity to make several modifications some of which were really not good. Finally the day before returning to Korea, the prototype was ready. Just in time to make a photo session with Christophe Lebedinsky. And then jump on the plane and embark for Korea with the heart in joy to find his beloved Chae Sun, and the proud spirit of having done a good job.

The sky was with us.

It was a magnificent day above the cloud sea. Complicity with Christophe is in full swing. Every minute is used to its full potential. Life then has all its value.

People were scrambling to come with us in the cramped cabin of a man in armor and a photographer with bulky and fragile bags and camera. the children were intimidated and curious and did not dare to ask questions. so it was moms talking.

BUGGGY SKI is ready for photo shooting, The video of the day.