BUGGY SKI at MUJU Resort was like paradise

BUGGY SKI at MUJU Resort was a chance.

With Yvon Labarthe and sometimes with Ji Ha we made a lot of video and many press in MUJU Resort. It was the opportunity to produce a lot of movie. Thus, the BUGGY SKI at MUJU Resort gave the opportunity for Jean Yves Blondeau to finalise the BUGGY SKI suit Because Jean Yves was making show every day. So each time something broke. It had to be fixed and designed that the problem does not come anymore.

BUGGY SKI at MUJU Resort pictures

Make every one a VIP

Because the head of Jean Yves was a ski pass, and thanks that he had the right to take any person with him on fast lanes, anyone could spend time with him. Many time he would care about beginner do together on easy tracks and take time to share moment together.

One video of BUGGY SKI called “Supersaint” at MUJU Resort

All the videos of BUGGY SKI 2007 at Muju are also here

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