BUGGY SKI best video at Festigliss 2016

The best BUGGY SKI hit video was at Festigliss 2016.

Jean Yves Blondeau at Festigliss 2016 met Jim. The purpose of festigliss is that people can try alternative way of sliding on snow. You can understand new winter sports. The presence of Jean Yves on such event is to show that the future of ski already exists by making all around the day BUGGY SKI demonstrations.
So making video was not the main purpose. But the opportunity to go with jim made a very nice result. Jim is the video maker of La Plagne . Together they made a short presentation of BUGGY SKI. This short video has been watched 25 000 000 000  times on facebook.

Here are some screenshots of BUGGY SKI Festigliss 2016.

Here is the famous video.