BUGGY SKI Montalbert 2014

FULL CARVE Buggy Ski à La Plagne Montalbert 2014

Montalbert welcomes BUGGY SKI 2014

BUGGY SKI Montalbert 2014 photo shooting of jean Yves Blondeau wearing a suit with ski that allow to ski in all position. Photographed by Christophe Lebedinsky who has the best professional collection of BUGY ROLLIN picture in the world.
It is always a pleasure efficient work with Christophe Lebedinsky. We were lucky to have one more time perfect weather condition, and thanks to Montalbert tourist bureau we are welcomed. Thus Montalbert has many activities around alternatives glide sport.

Here are BUGGY SKI Montalbert 2014 Pictures

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The video of BUGGY SKI Montalbert 2014

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