Chuncheon Korea

Chuncheon and Son Bae

Organized by An Son Bae, for the “Leisure Games” a frestyle slalom competiion with international competitors took place in Chuncheon, south korea, every two years. There are a dozen other sports represented. paragliding, wake boarding, flat delta, skateboarding, bmx … Jean Yves Blondeau is invited to fire shows for the opening ceremonies of the event, and the skating competion.

videos of chuncheon

The Chunchon event is very friendly, it is a tradition that all athlete share meals like big family.
After the event, Jean Yves could go freeride at one of the fastest road of South korea.
usually it is difficult to move the korean friends to technical fast tracks. But this time they agreed. Until they saw the road where they decided to not skate it. So Jean Yves made it alone. The good point is that the road ends in a dead end. So there is a very few traffic. The place is a wonder it has legendary fairy tale and magic temple lost in mountain.

The next video show a training for downhill with korean rider from extreme skater club
early in spring before the event at Chunchon. It is a typical Korean training place for downhill.

We wish that one day we can make downhill event at Chuncheon.