Fairy tale track 2014

Fairy tale track 2014 lost treasure.

Fairy tale track 2014 is about hidden track lost in the forest. It is hard to find. No big road, no sign, no construction. The track is partly made of wood and partly concrete. It has not cooling system. It literally runs between the wild trees, and it is about 1m in the air. So it gives the impression of flying over the ferns.

Magic lives here.

It is said that the small people, the magic beings, have been pushed away from west country of europe by too much industrialization and noisy mechanic farming. They refugee in east part of europe. Around the track the forest itself and the houses are breathing this magic flair, where the small people are still living. That is why we call this trac cary tale.

On road trip.

we went there after the altenberg race with Danny Strasser and Sven von Schlarta. Sven was the photograph. Thanks to him we have these beautiful pictures.


Unfortunately the track was under repair. Indeed every year they try to improve it. The wood parts are been replaced section by section by concrete. That is the reason why you will not see Jean Yves Blondeau rolling the track entirely.

Fairy tale track 2014 pictures.

Fairy tale track 2014 video.