Teolo Padova Italy

Teolo Padova Race

World Championship downhill in Italy in Teolo Padova. At noon, it was a hot lead under a grandiose and brilliant sun. We had a big straight line to gain momentum. Then a sequence of turns too flat and an acceleration output. the first turn, a closing right, concentrated all the attention and the attention of the spectators alone.

Teolo Padova protocol

As an official competition of the International Skating Federation, it follows a protocol with an opening ceremony : speeches, presentation of athletes and show. That for, Jean Yves Blondeau, a great specialist in opening ceremonies, was the only representative of the downhill pilots in show. He created a choreography on a 5-tempo music specially for this event.

Camera mal

He also made a video in multi-view. During the shooting, it was so hot that the neuron was also overheated. Jean Yves did not see that the camera placed at the back of the leg was going to touch the ground at the landing and also at the right turn. The fish eye lens of the camera hit the ground, unscrewed, and the lenses that compose it scattered in pieces on the road …

video no hands

Rollerman : hairpins with no hands (Teolo Keyneose)

video mutliviews

Rollerman race Tello, multiplex view