Speed Record 126 kmh

For tv show we made speed record . Early morning 4 am. No Authorization . Just pushing with legs, hold position, and follow gravity . Speed Record 126 kmh measured by GPS.

Long story

With Danny Strasser, we had a proposal from stern Tv to make a new show. They wanted something new because Jean Yves was already on the show in 1997. Jean Yves wanted to beat his speed record since few year so he took the opportunity to make it for Tv show.
It is hard to find a straight road with enough degree and good braking zone. Jean Yves Blondeau firstly train in Swiss Jura with his Friend Damian Andrey world from team Poutine speed record holder on street luge 2017.
Then he when to make some test runs on the spot in France. He started in the evening to have less traffic on the road because it is an important way that many people uses every to go to work. As Jean Yves did ask to close the street it has to be done with almost no trafic at all. The car coming behind him would be not problem, because he would be faster, and the car coming in the other direction has two lanes, because it is a 3 lane street ,  so they would be more far that on a narrow street.
During the test in the night, a cat suddenly appear on the side of the road at the fastest point . It seems it wanted to cross the road. But it did not. that’s good because it would have been impossible to avoid it. Then the light decreased too much to be able to see something in the helmet. we reached the speed of 117 km/h . that was the preceded record. not enough to make something new. So we decided to make another try next day noon. At the camp of Francoise Pagnier, Jean yves cleaned the bearings. there are a lot of bearing on a BUGGY ROLLIN suit! and the next day when the people are used to go to eat, he made a try. He could achieve 120 with was a new record.
A few weeks later Jean Yves came back with Danny Strasser to make the TV footage. They arrived in the evening, and started the setting at 4 am. This is a cold place to wait in lycra suit. They had to wait for sun light. IN order to get faster Jean Yves mixed two armors, Blue Aramis and Gold Korean creating a new fusion speed suit : GOLD BLUE. They did several attempt reaching 126 Km/H. They finished just before the workers start to use the road.

here is a teaser of Speed Record 126 kmh