Plagne Beton on Fire 2014

Plagne Beton on Fire 2014 graphic design of rollerman
the beautiful OVER THE VERTICAL wave of Rollerman in the curve 16

Force 4

The Plagne Beton on Fire 2014 was an opportunity to gather four armor together in the track for a competition for the first time. It was because of the effort made to rally the BUGGY ROLLIN pilots for the 20 years of its creation, that the athletes were ready to compete. We had permission to train, and we could find ourselves calmly.
So there was: Riderman France, Sebastien Bertholet Otaku Rollin, Anthony Finocchiaro Finch, and Rollerman Jean Yves Blondeau.

Battle on the podium

We were fighting hard behind Jean Yves at La Plagne Beton on Fire 2014, to try to catch up. With each progression of Jean Yves, everyone progressed too. It was passionate. And everyone has taken the game to push harder, clean the trajectories and hold the position firmly.
At the end the organisator did not thought that we were making race between BUGGY ROLLIN. So we had to go on the Podium by ourself, and the medals were given by jean Yves Bought in Japan.

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Plagne Beton on Fire 2014 video

A promise of a liar.

Unfortunately, the Plagne Beton on Fire 2014 was the last edition of the Beton On Fire at this Bob track. The joyful promises of the new Mayor of PLAGNE, during his speech at the medal ceremony, could have made believe in a secure future for this extraordinary event. But no. The disappointment is at the height of the promise of the liar. Beton On Fire no longer exists in La Plagne. It is hoped that new people will have the power and courage necessary for this renewal that is eagerly desired.

There is a deplorable sport policy that instead of going to the maximum use of the equipment that was so expensive is closing the door of the possible, blocking the blossoming of talent, drying up the development of sports and green. The first battle for a high-level athlete on the bob sled track is to simply train. Meanwhile, the track sleeps in the summer. The promise of a liar is just disheartening.