Freeride of Riderman and Rollerman at Charix

BUGGY ROLLIN downhill sport is something good to be shared with friend. That the reason why Jean Yves Blondeau Rollerman met Christphe Andreatta Riderman on the roads. Meet Riderman and Rollerman at Charix. Charix was the opportunity to go over 100km/h.

3 spots of Riderman and Rollerman at Charix

Infact Riderman and Rollerman at Charix was on 3 locations. First was berstiaux where riderman achieved 110Kmh. Second was Charix to meet Obelix and Asterix . Last was Plagne with wonderfull red automne sun burning light throw golden leaves amazing scenery.

video of Riderman and Rollerman at Charix

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