Rollerman at Almabtrieb 2010

Rollerman at Almabtrieb 2010Rollerman at Almabtrieb 2010

Rollerman at Almabtrieb 2010 was nice. Among the classic longboard racing world, Almabtrieb is Germany’s capital race. Because it is the main event for german longboard world, it is well organized and a lot of athletes from all over the world go there. We were lucky with the weather.

a fast road profile.

The street start at the top of the hill with a dead end. The road is a little bit flat as slalom between the houses. Then it dives into the forest all along the side of the hill. This long straight make a huge acceleration. It ends by a left hair pin. And finishes before the bottom of valley.

photos of Rollerman at Almabtrieb 2010

use the time to try

First there is a week of freeride training and then the brackets of the world championships.
on the side of the road very one has to wait during the process of the race. So we have time to try something new. That is why Severine took the opportunity to wear the BUGGY ROLLIN suit.

Life style

What happen after the race is even more important. The camping becomes a huge Holliday camp and the main tent the party place.