Rollerman at Graveyard call is an impressionist street artist.

Rollerman at Graveyard call

an event near by

Near us, beside Annecy, is a small city named Argonay. In that place was the “Graveyard call” race. It is named so because the track ends at the entrance of the cemetery. Fortunately nobody among the the athletes ever ends there.

the event logo

It could be a halloween event, but it is held in the middle of the summer.

Rollerman at Graveyard call

narrow and tight

Graveyard call was a narrow winding road in the forest. Sufficiently sinuous so that Jean Yves comes out of the way in a pin. It missed 50 cm of asphalt out of the curve. It was necessary to brake a little more ! Armor and pilot had no damage at all. They slide a little more far away in the gravel.

Rollerman at Graveyard call impressionist road artist

Strong sun was making light spots all along the road. Light was running on the back of the armor like leopard flakes. All together it made the feeling of running through an impressionist paint.

here is the video

Graveyard call was a international race with athletes coming from around the world of downhill. That is how we met James Kelly and prepare the test of the following year.