Rollerman at Haining China made super show

Jean Yves Blondeau, the Rollerman at Haining in China, made a show on stage that was the best in many years. Chinese event organiser love to make it big. In order to have a successful opening ceremony, International Roller Festival invited Jean Yves Blondeau to perform a life show on stage so it was a success ! In the public, there were a lot of official, tv channel, reporters, and international athletes.
Rollerman at Haining

The pictures of the show of Haining China

[unitegallery PBR_10_Rollerman_at_Haining]

This was a perfect show, even if the skates were hurting do much.
What is the best music for a buggy rollin show ? DAFT PUNK !
Filmed by sueb from thailand and jean yves.

the video of the show of Rollerman @ Haining China