Rollerman at Izoard Pass France makes legends

The race of Rollerman at Izoard Pass France

The col de l’Izoard is famous amound the cyclist to be one of the most difficult pass of “tour de France”. If it is difficult for cyclist it is good for downhill BUGGY ROLLIN. So it is a place that hosts very nice events. And Rollerman at Izoard pass France was good thing to do. The pass has different visual spaces, green valley direction Briancon, stone and cliffs on the wild side.

Two sides of a coin

Sensation made by rolling of the sides of Izoard is very contrasted. On the north side, the long green valley offers long straight fast lines. In opposition to south side where the mountain drops violently to the deep valley. While the road tries to stay on the rocks it would not be a good idea to miss any curve. This side is a struggle to survive.

The video of Rollerman at Izoard pass France

It is also the place where we made the film speed warriors with Nicolas Bonnefoy.