Rollerman at Seares Spain

Soap of Seares.

Jean Yves Blondeau and Yvon Labarthe were invited in Spain for a soap box race at Seares.

Shares is a bit far from the Alps. It is a village on the North coast of Spain. The region is called Asturias, it is on the way to Compostela. We made the road with Yvon Labarthe after breaking the world speed record in BUGGY ROLLIN at Mont Ventoux of 116 Kilometer per Hour.

good cider

We arrived in the early afternoon, and we were greeted with cider that is poured over the shoulder. Every one went drink before 3pm. It was not possible for Jean Yves to make the first descents in the afternoon. Yvon Labarth courageous and unconscient tried the downhill after the welcome lunch but he finished on the roof in the scenery. The reception was hardly too warm.

crash place

If the road was not very exciting, the people were nice. The road had one difficult turn situated down in the village. So it was the place where all the villagers were waiting for crashes. And crashes were a lot.

out of space

With our hi tech profiled equipment, we felt a little bit like astronauts in the soap box event.