Rollerman at Shanghai April 2016

Show at Shanghai stadium

The first show of Rollerman at Shanghai April 2016, was very early morning at Shanghai stadium, for the venue of important chinese politics persons. Jean Yves Blondeau made show with children under the rain. He had to repeat the show again and again until the VIP went away.
Ashlyn is always here to help and organise. Her kindness, availability and patience are invaluable qualities.
It was the day to meet Seven.  She is a nice shanghai skater who cares very well about the kids at the skate club. She is also model.

Rollerman Jet set

Directly after the show, Rolerman flew to another city in order to perform another show on another event on the same day !
that was cool insane.

Show near Shaolin temple mountain

The flight was very delayed because of heavy rain. So we arrived very late on the second event. Luckily it was not finished. Jean Yves came just in time to perform the last show. It was raining a lot. The red carpet on the stage was like a swimming pool.

Warm welcome

After the show, the public came to a table for signatures of Rollerman. They were very nice, and it was very well organized. Thanks SeBa skates team, Xiao Qin Ashlyn and Freezy, and the other ones.

Downhill shaolin mountain

It was very nice to meet Xiao Qin again. And then to go on Shaolin mountain, and make the downhill with BUGGY ROLLIN from the south side of mountain.

First training of Freezy

Freezy was asking from years to try the BUGGY ROLLIN suit. Finally he could do it withRollerman at Shanghai April 2016. That is when he decided to buy his own suit.

The video of Freezy with Rollerman at Shanghai April 2016