Rollerman on Chinese medias and at the Great Wall China

rollerman great wall
Jean Yves Blondeau with Emilie

After a successful meeting at the office of, Rollerman decided to make a happening on the Great Wall. Moreover, it is a symbolic way to make BUGGY ROLLIN and Rollerman belong to Chinese culture. and RCI Radio Chine Internationale

We made agreement with to build up a communication plan for the promotion of Rollerman in China. At RCI we had interview with journalist and French – Chinese language teacher Xiao Tai. Later we found the books of her chinese lessons.

Great wall

When Rollerman decided to roll on the great wall with BUGGY ROLLIN, He chose to use the black “Tiger and Dragon” armor. The team of helped and took video. Emilie was the translator. She is cute beautiful nice minded and speak almost perfect french. Therefor her contribution was highly appreciated.

Not an Easy riding.

The floor is made of bricks. There is so many people stepping there that the bricks are completely concave. In view of the floor irregularity, it was very hard to roll. There are also a lot of stairs and water channels which are crossing very often. So much that, it is almost impossible to make a continuous downhill without prior preparation of the floor.

The pictures of great wall

meet the police

At he origin, we made the mistake to make video just under the CCTV. So the Police came and started to make trouble. Even if we had representatives of Official media with us, They did not want to hear us.

Video of rollerman at the Great Wall


Practicing BUGGY ROLLIN on the great wall is a very special experience. Thus it was  a nice day, and a nice shooting, until police arrived.