Rollerman in Neox Mgazin Germany

Rollerman in Neox

This release of Rollerman in Neox is dated from june 2008. But the pictures looks like 9 years earlier ISPO 1999, the one used in Berliner Zeitung.

Because the journalist met jean yves in 1999, the article says that Jean Yves goes 70 km per hour with the nose at 5 com from the floor. 20 kilo is the weight of the suit. Thirty minute of practicing BUGGY ROLLIN is equivalent of two hour of intensive sport. 31 wheels was used for the pink suit with 6 wheels skates. This carbon prototype was a 27 wheels. “The BUGGY ROLLIN is a living transportation machine”, that is right ! “The best thing is to roll on the back” is also true. There is misunderstand about braking. It says “braking is the hater thing”. In fact a wheel suit is braking all the time, the hard thing is to let it go longer.