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Since last October, we have been developing the channel Rollerman123 on DoYin. DoYin is the Chinese equivalent of the European TIK TOK. Unfortunately, videos posted in the east are not visible in the west.

A sharp local team.

A team based in Beijing, specialized in new media helps to manage the progression of the chain. The team edits the videos transmitted by Jean Yves Blondeau. It schedules the publications. Finally it manages the video appearance strategy in compliance with the legal framework, and following the spirit quality guidelines of BUGGY ROLLIN. This team is set up by our local partner, Professor Jin Ying, Helen Golden Eagle, specialist in communication strategy. She is the first Chinese to understand the potential and the spirit of BUGGY ROLLIN.

A new brand adapted to the Chinese market.

In order to avoid confusion with other brands, and to avoid being copied in Chinese in a rough translation, we took the lead. for the Rollerman123 channel on DoYin, we created and registered our brand in Chinese characters. “轮滑 超人” in ping yin, lunhuachaoren, which means the super human skater.

A terminology already existing in the Chinese media.

轮滑 超人 (lunhuachuaoren) corresponds to the characters used by the press to speak of Jean Yves Blondeau as Rollerman. We have indeed been able to observe in the world of rollerblading, best friends fighting after that, that one has filed, from a recognized English mark, a translation into Chinese, without the knowledge of the other .

Instead of the discord, build coherence.

This creates discord and confusion not only among ex partners who engage in a stupid war, but also among consumers who lose their references to it. You have to understand that a large majority of Chinese do not read English. Not necessarily for lack of education, but maybe because it’s just not their mother tongue, so it’s inconvenient and uncomfortable. On the other hand, it is common practice to cite brands with local pronunciation. It is therefore strategic to choose a readable and understood brand, consistent with the target market.

Targets of the Rollerman123 channel on Doyin.

The objectives of the Rollerman123 channel on Doyin are: The promotion of BUGGY ROLLIN in its different forms, The Promotion of Jean Yves Blondeau as a creator, designer, actor, fashion model, opinion leader for sports equipment, with as underlying link the Spirit Of BUGGY ROLLIN

The positioning of the Rollerman123 chain on Doyin.

The positioning target of the Rollerman123 chain on Doyin is of high quality. For this the content requirements are higher than what is visible on the media currently. We take care of the literary content of the Chinese language used, We refer to the Chinese culture known to Chinese only. But we bring the quality of Western editing, and among other things the choice of music which we must make an effort to find. We try to refine our subscribers rather than mass video consumption.

Full hearted content.

The content necessarily involves a crush, a desire, an emanation of the creative spirit of Jean Yves Blondeau, facets of his eccentric romantic and sympathetic life. Each subject has a raison d’être that is either strategic, identity or positioning.

A renewed look in the themes.

Sports derived from BUGGY ROLLIN are almost always present, but we can also see, places to rediscover, poetry in Chinese! dance, cooking, and any other nod to French or Chinese culture.

On the way to success

In March 2020, we reached 414,000 subscribers in 4 months. A video has 55 million views, a dozen videos have more than a million views. We present a hundred videos with posts every other day at 7 p.m.

Online Store

We have passed the minimum necessary to open an online store. Through sports and toy fairs, we have selected a few products that resonate with our convictions. we have started to negotiate agreements and soon we will offer them on our shop. We simply turn our millions of views into a million.

Rollerman brings you luck and happiness

With quantifiable rising value, Rollerman is a promotional vehicle for other brands and products. The progress in terms of recognition helps us to advance the whole project which is developing in a star on 5 axes.

The true meaning of the LUCKY STAR identity.

The heart of the star, the link between all projects, is THE SPIRIT of the BUGGY ROLLIN. It is a fresh wind blowing towards an already happy and peaceful future, balanced in technology and simplicity, respecting life and existing evironments, which creates a bond and a sense of surface to the deep interior. It is the spirit of extreme mastery of movement, of effective dynamics that transforms towards a chosen goal.

The Branches of the LUCKY STAR of Success.

The development axes are:

1 the creation and applications of a modern mythology that we use in comics, video games, animated series, TV series, and feature films.

2 The creation of an expression space intended for sports and derivatives of the BUGGY ROLLIN

3 the production and sale of BUGGY ROLLIN Armor, its derivative products and everything that corresponds to the BUGGY ROLLIN spirit;

4 The promotion and development of sports BUGGY ROLLIN and its derivatives

5 The valuation of intellectual properties.

Rollerman123 nillor gigue
peace warrior

All of the work done with Rollerman123 on DoYin serves our goals of achieving the overall BUGGY ROLLIN project. We have the right ingredients for success and we make them work. Now we need a mirror team to take care of posts in the Western world.