Rollerman at Sigulda 2016

Sigulda 2016

Sigulda 2016 is another edition of the race in bob track named Beton On Fire. Bob track Sigulda is situated north of Riga on the side of a valley carved by a river . On the slope of the valley is built a Bob Track which find almost enough hight to feel like on mountain. The missed last 20 meter of altitude are made by concrete construction. This makes the unique Bob track in the world that start aerial.

weather bad friend

As we arrived in the village, we knew that the weather was going to be bad for the day of the race. That is really bad luck. Because then nobody will come to see the show. That’s the reason why Jean Yves Blondeau urged to make all camera run with BUGGY ROLLIN suit on friday. So now, yo can enjoy the multi view video and nice lighted pictures of the end of the day at the tower start of Sigulda Bob Track.

win lost

For Sigulda 2016 none of the other BUGGY ROLLIN team members could come to the race. So Jean Yves was racing against himself one more time. Even he took the fastest wheels he had, made the best time of all athletes there, his time was not recognized to be used in the final race against the bike.

Sigulda 2016 pictures

Sigulda 2016 video

Besides, we like this multi view video. We would advise you to watch it several time to catch every thing about the track.