Speed record 116 in ventoux 08

It is impossible to go slow when Yvon Labarthe is on the same road in luge. We make speed record BUGGY ROLLIN in 2008 at Mont Ventoux for 116 Km/h.

You need to have the helmet in the luggage, the friends to drive the bus and hold the camera, the good weather, and few people on the road. Everything was there. The road is almost a straight line over a mile and a half, with a pin on the right and rocks to accommodate a straight wipe out. Braking is important. And the safety distances eat the speed that is gained just before braking. It was still a reasonable descent where we were not in the risk margin. Three years after the previous record of 110 km / h at Oberwiesenthal, it was good news to celebrate the progress of the armor and the pilot.