BUGGY ROLLIN Rollerman videos 2015 around the world

First gallery of  Rollerman videos 2015 : races and free rides in Europe.

Jean Yves Blondeau keep on making a lot of Tv shows. For example this national TV show video. Then Cisterna D’asti was the place of inline skate downhill world championship where Rollerman was. La bouille was the french championship, he was there too. Lugdunum is a race inside the city of lyon. And we can also see some downhills around Jean Yves Blondeau’s house.

[unitegallery Rollerman_V_2015_1]

Second gallery is about Rollerman videos 2015 in China

Jean Yves made special downhill videos on the side of participating in opening ceremonies. There is the full serial of Lishui with Red trucks on narrow roads, the ambulance that did not wanted to be overtaken, the bus that took all the road, and the chicken who wanted to suicide.
You can also discover the LiShan Mountain near XiAn, the airport training in Yiunchan.

[unitegallery Rollerman_V15_chine]

Last gallery is the bob tracks runs

That was an interesting year for bob tracks. We could train in Cesana, compete in La Plagne and Altemberg and Sigulda. We never could make more than that in a year.

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