Event in Dolomites

event in dolomites

We have been invited to Extremes Days in Dolomites. It is an extreme sport festival between the mountains which are without doubt the most beautiful in the world. On the agenda in disarray: helicopter drop-off, freestyle paragliding, freestyle skiing, freestyle mountain biking, slack line, dog sledding, toboggan bikes, 50 km trek race, film presentation, ice climbing, and BUGGY SKIING! Over 3 days, with a bonus concert of blues and giant paella; nothing to be bored!

Promotion in China

Building the promotion in China.

Promotion of BUGGY ROLLIN and Rollerman in China
Show duo of Chang Yue in GREEN-BLACK and ROLLERMAN in 9 DRAGONS suit

Since the beginning of April, Jean Yves Blondeau Joined Mr Gao Team in Beijing in order to make the Promotion of BUGGY ROLLIN and Rollerman in China.
First step was to meet Chang Yue in his home town.
We did several show. One in medicine university, and other ones at skater club.

[unitegallery China_promotion]

Rollerman show at medicine school

Then we had show at Chang Yue skate club. And of course we could meet the young skaters and fans.

meet young fan

Later we took the road to Chengde, north east of Beijing where local skate association prepared a downhill + show program for us.
The first road was not very steep. So it was good enough to start training again after a long break.

But the road was busy with heavy loaded trucks. The heavy traffic is destroying the road. It is causing the pavement to burst out in waves. Rocks appears and id it impossible for skate to pass on. We must avoid it. Or we must stop and walk until pavement is good again.

Go to La Plagne Montalbert 26-27 feb

As every year you can meet Jean Yves Blondeau on snow with his BUGGY SKI. Come and meet, talk, and interact with him. If you are gentle he will answer you.

On the second day, Riderman will join. So there is going to be two buggy ski on the same place in the same time. You will see that is a pretty rare event !

Let us meet at ISPO Munich 3-6 feb

[unitegallery ispo_18]

Meet Rollerman Jean Yves Blondeau at ISPO Munich Hall 5 booth A50 with Longboard embassy along the wall. ISPO is the biggest sport fair in Europe. All sport business is shown there. A place to make contact, to prepare manufacture agreement, meet shops, establish sponsoring.

See you at ISPO!

visit longboard embassy at ispo Munich and meet Rollerman Jean Yves blondeau
buggy rollin rollerman booth at ispo munich
ISPO Munich 2018

Rollerman show at Lyon june 30th and july 5th

the show was nice

you can see a facebook report here

rollerman show at lyon

The first edition of the Roller week is organized at the sports hall of Lyon garland, from June 30 to July 8, 2018. 10 days dedicated to the discovery and practice of roller skating. On this occasion, Rollerman, Jean Yves Blondeau and Riderman Christophe Andreatta will present their new choreography “rollerman show at lyon” in BUGGY ROLLIN armor. For this creation, the music used is a remix of Amelie’s waltz by Yann Tiersen by DJ DBS.

rollerman show a lyon rollerman show at lyon
X opening

rollerman show a lyon rollerman show at lyon
foot crossing

the hip hop sound on a reference of the French culture goes well with the BUGGY ROLLIN which is also a French product deviant of the urban culture.

Link of the soundtrack here
rollerman show a lyon

The rollerman show program in lyon

the show will take place twice. One at the great derby evening on June 30 at 8:30 pm. And the other at 7:45 pm for the hockey final at the sports hall of lyon Gerland. Attention it is a short program of 2minutes 20. if you are late you will miss it …

rollerman shanghai 15
crossing Rollerman and riderman at shanghai 2015

Many disciplines

Free-style, artistic, roller hockey, rink hockey, skate, speed, roller derby … For its first edition, the RollerWeek offers free introductions, demonstrations, competitions …
From June 30 to July 8, the public can, around the sports hall of Lyon Gerland practice and / or discover the roller.The kickoff of the week will take place Friday, June 29 Place Bellecour, with a great hike, rollerblading, co-organized by Macadam roller and Génération Roller
The start is scheduled for 20h45-21h and the arrival in front of the sports hall around 22h.

room for spectators

The highlight of this week for the organizers, the reception for the first time in France of the European Championship of Roller Hockey. Organized by Lyon Roller Métropole, in partnership with many key players of Roller in Lyon.

10,000 people are expected on these 10 days.


There is already the press. To see the link to France 3 region.


BUGGY ROLLIN Rollerman videos 2015 around the world

First gallery of  Rollerman videos 2015 : races and free rides in Europe.

Jean Yves Blondeau keep on making a lot of Tv shows. For example this national TV show video. Then Cisterna D’asti was the place of inline skate downhill world championship where Rollerman was. La bouille was the french championship, he was there too. Lugdunum is a race inside the city of lyon. And we can also see some downhills around Jean Yves Blondeau’s house.

[unitegallery Rollerman_V_2015_1]

Second gallery is about Rollerman videos 2015 in China

Jean Yves made special downhill videos on the side of participating in opening ceremonies. There is the full serial of Lishui with Red trucks on narrow roads, the ambulance that did not wanted to be overtaken, the bus that took all the road, and the chicken who wanted to suicide.
You can also discover the LiShan Mountain near XiAn, the airport training in Yiunchan.

[unitegallery Rollerman_V15_chine]

Last gallery is the bob tracks runs

That was an interesting year for bob tracks. We could train in Cesana, compete in La Plagne and Altemberg and Sigulda. We never could make more than that in a year.

[unitegallery BUGGY_ROLLIN_BOB_V15]

Sigulda 2015

Rollerman was at Sigulda 2015

That was the first time that we could enter the bob track of Sigulda. We firstly went ot make a test prior to the event with Philipp Auerswald and Falko Quinger.
Then Ginst and Rainers organised a real Beton On Fire competition. As we had a proper training in Cesana, The pilots of the BUGGY ROLLIN team were ready. 3 BUGGY ROLLIN pilots were there. Sebastien Bertholet Otaku Rollin, Anthony Finocchiaro Finch, and Jean Yves Blondeau Rollerman.
The weather was friendly, and many people came to see the event. But Jean Yves could not stay, he had to go to Shanghai to make show with Riderman who was already waiting for him.

pictures of Sigulda 2015

In sigulda we could meet the junior national team members of skeleton. The track is very uniq because it start in the air. The athletes must take elevator to go to start point.  We made promotion in silgulda and in Riga with Rollerman and Finch.

video of Sigulda 2015

BUGGY ROLLIN was on ISPO Munich 2018

At ISPO Munich 2018 we displayed five suits,

    1. woman suit with Guillou S size setting
    2. Black Black suit
    3. BUGGY SKI suit
    4. BUGGY ICE suit
    5. The famous 9 DRAGON suit

ISPO Munich 2018

    Jean Yves Blondeau and Danny Strasser at ISPO Munich 2018 with ice suit

ISPO Munich 2018During the five days fo the show, Jean Yves Blondeau exposed his suits. He was making performances and demonstrations each time someone would ask him. Situated near the wave inside the Longboard embassy village, it was in the heart of a dynamic place on the show. We received many contacts and interests but still now nothing really happen. We are sure that we had more sport creation than in any other stand on the fair.

ISPO Munich 2018

press ISPO Munich 2018

Already we have some media feedback. Article on LONGBOARDMAG EU
We saw thousand of people taking pictures but we can not get all the press feed back. We hope that this show will bring us good business.

and videos of ISPO Munich 2018

Maybe we come next year again at ISPO