BUGGY ROLLIN was on ISPO Munich 2018

At ISPO Munich 2018 we displayed five suits,

    1. woman suit with Guillou S size setting
    2. Black Black suit
    3. BUGGY SKI suit
    4. BUGGY ICE suit
    5. The famous 9 DRAGON suit

ISPO Munich 2018

    Jean Yves Blondeau and Danny Strasser at ISPO Munich 2018 with ice suit

ISPO Munich 2018During the five days fo the show, Jean Yves Blondeau exposed his suits. He was making performances and demonstrations each time someone would ask him. Situated near the wave inside the Longboard embassy village, it was in the heart of a dynamic place on the show. We received many contacts and interests but still now nothing really happen. We are sure that we had more sport creation than in any other stand on the fair.

ISPO Munich 2018

press ISPO Munich 2018

Already we have some media feedback. Article on LONGBOARDMAG EU
We saw thousand of people taking pictures but we can not get all the press feed back. We hope that this show will bring us good business.

and videos of ISPO Munich 2018

Maybe we come next year again at ISPO