First Beton on Fire Altenberg 09

What a joy to participate in the first race of concrete on fire in Altenberg in Germany, organized by Philippe auerswald. Altenberg is perhaps the most beautiful track in the world. It is a true initiation rite. We are born in the light by springing from the tower, we die in turn three, and all that happens next is beyond life. It is a varied and fast track well maintained, painted in white, which rolls its turns in the slope of a mountain fold peoples fir. In the far north we see Desden sending us his cold wind.
At that time, Jean Yves liked to dress in a long-haired sweater, which participated in the legend.

It was a beautiful race, where the Philipp network is in full swing with his family and friends. Andy who has a wrapping business has arrived with an Impalla 66 low rider, and the parents greeted us with love.

Seares Spain

We were invited in Spain for a soap box race at Seares.

Seares is a bit far from the Alps. We made the road with Yvon Labarthe after breaking the world speed record in BUGGY ROLLIN. We arrived in the early afternoon, and we were greeted with cider that is poured over the shoulder. It was not possible for Jean Yves to make the first descents in the afternoon. Yvon tried the downhill after the welcome lunch but he finished on the roof in the scenery. The reception was hardly too warm.

Speed record 116 in ventoux 08

It is impossible to go slow when Yvon Labarthe is on the same road in luge. We make speed record BUGGY ROLLIN in 2008 at Mont Ventoux for 116 Km/h.

You need to have the helmet in the luggage, the friends to drive the bus and hold the camera, the good weather, and few people on the road. Everything was there. The road is almost a straight line over a mile and a half, with a pin on the right and rocks to accommodate a straight wipe out. Braking is important. And the safety distances eat the speed that is gained just before braking. It was still a reasonable descent where we were not in the risk margin. Three years after the previous record of 110 km / h at Oberwiesenthal, it was good news to celebrate the progress of the armor and the pilot.


The col de l’Izoard is famous amound the cyclist to be one of the most difficult pass of “tour de France”. If it is difficult for cyclist it is good for downhill BUGGY ROLLIN. So it is a place that hosts very nice events. The pass has different visual spaces, green valley direction Briancon, stone and cliffs on the wild side.

It is also the place where we made the film speed warriors with Nicolas Bonnefoy.


This is not the most mountainous region of France, but it can be the one that houses the worst band of irreducible riders in Braie. This is why the region sometimes hosts a major competition. It was the championships of France. And we were there and Yvon Labarthe too.

Cesana and Corentin @ Beaufort

We were on the road with Danny Strasser Through Italy to film the Cesana Olympic bob track, and looking for jumps on pass streets.

Aftreward we went to Beaufort near Mont Blanc for the film “Just a dream?” and during the filming Corentin came to make some pictures.



Sarajevo Challenge

After the rehearsal of the Bob track training with Philippe Auerswald and Danny Strasser, Red Bull has launched a series of Bob bobsleigh races in Sarajevo. It was the first international competition in Sarajevo since the Olympic Games followed by long years of horror of the war.
a boufee of oxygen so that everything is broken, or people fight to recover everything that can be sold, or food is not yet a thing assured.



First time in china with Seba for a show in China. It’s a new era that is opening with China starting to rollerblade, with its opportunites, and its magic encounters, Chinese beauties frolées for a moment, but which, until then, have always been too short, and have lost in the labyrinth of translations or electronic networks whose non-compatibility is controlled by the state.


Newton’s Nation OZ 10

With happiness and expectation we went to Newton’s nation event at barthust Mont Panorama Australia.
We got interviewed by local radio, Tv, and enjoyed Sydney with Yvon Labarth.

Yvon is a great film maker, you should check his page

so we made several Film . The first one is about the race .

This one is a freeride. Ben from B-Rock radio brang us to some lost downhill roads around barthust. we ate a lot of flies!

the last one is not made by Yvon but a Tv show made very early at Sydney.