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Buggy Rollin
Geisingen world championship PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 02 November 2011 14:20

It was a great show on the opening ceremony of Geisingen Free style Skating World Championship in Germany.

thanks to a great light show and a perfect public, the buggy rollin performance took a new dimension.

tegernsee film festival PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 02 November 2011 13:38

Jean Yves was invited to Tegernsee film festival in Germany with danny strasser.

"sarajevo challenge" was presented there.
not only an extreme sport movie, it deals with the post war situation in bosnia.

the link on the site of danny : http://danny-strasser.de/buggyrollin_sarajevochallenge-trailer_large.php

After the projection, Jean yves and danny answered a few questions about the movie.

The last months were very busy PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 18 October 2011 20:59
We had interview at Oxygen Radio, and after the interview aired life, Nacima the star speakrin tryed the suit.


   Jean Yves went to UK and made the last episode of the season of BLUE PETER on BBC

with the team we made a challenge in a skatepark and a race against a car on a private racing track.

We went to swiss and made interview for Leman Bleu sport mag with the great Michel Robarin.

Michel really prepared his interview very well. He asked precise and focused questions. it was a pleasure to work with him. He also prepare a very good teasing online.

We had the visit of Emmanuelle Jaquet from Nouvo.ch, the hi tec magazin on swiss nationnal channel.
The program introduce the new prototype workshop, shows the history, and feature Paul Blondeau The father of Jean yves who is a formal extreme sport athlete. Therefore, he support Jean yves 100%. Here he drives him up the mountain. the action takes place in one of Jean yves's favorite secret spot.
One more time the swiss team made an excellent web page with some very accurate information and some bonus video.


We also made a report for DISCOVERY CHANNEL with some artists comming from Italy. The productin team took time to set up the decoration and light. it will be an esthetic report.

In the historic workshop of his grand father, Jean yves waits for the questions.

We had some special shooting for 24H the Swiss newspaper of Lausanne at BUKOLIK event in swiss alps.
We were rolling with Sebastien Bertholet
the only swiss who has a suit yet.

During the summer, We did a Marathon studio photo shooting with kiki Lebe in Paris. we have a lot of new exciting picture of the last upgraded suit,

some artistic portrait of Jean Yves, and the first picture of Nillor Yggub, the bad suit.


In september, Jean yves spent one month in Beijing china to make a movie with a big chinese star.
Jean Yves is not the main actor, maybe only a soldier in the story ...

The back yard sets are a travel in the time and space.

With the words of mao...
the movie should come in theatres at the end of the next year

We also made a photo shooting on the highest pass road of swiss and video for the N (NISSAN) magazin and web germany. no picture yet.
after beton on fire PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 13 July 2011 18:48

The beton on fire event was great.
I could try the new prototype which has a new wheel setting on the chest and brand new matter wheels anywhere else. with the new chest the driving is totaly different. and it also give some different new sensation. that makes the buggy rollin even more intresting. because it is possible to test new wheel setting option and this sets has no limit but your imagination.

we also had a great newspaper cover, and a lot of good photographer were on the set. like Alexandra Pauli


and Sven Von Sclachta


meet at BETON OF FIRE PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 07 July 2011 21:04

if you are in the east of Germany, go to altenberg to see the BETON ON FIRE event. it is a race in a bob track for inline skaters, longboarders and BUGGY ROLLIN !

You can see some training from today here


the event is here (french)


other languages


Superhuman PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 16 May 2011 07:11

Buggy rollin was in california for the Stan Lee's Superhuman TV show.

On sunday we made location scout with Todd Born who came from Phenix to ride with rollerman. This was nice.
On monday, Rollerman had to ride a spiral parking lot against a Go Kart. Tuesday he went to Stunt road north Malibu to meet The Loaded Skateboard team. There were also Jodi the film partner and Nate Lee our new marketing consultant.

We had speed test. The Buggy Rollin Zaphial position makes nice picture but is not fast and not stable.

we had a wonderfull light, and very busy filming day. Right after, Jean yves flew to Bangkok.

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